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Laser Welding Machine Processing Technology For Mobile Phone Parts

With the continuous enrichment of smartphone functions, the structure of the phone has become increasingly complex. Small areas have been compressed countless times by engineers in exchange for the best design effect. Faced with such complex processing, a little more or less, and even minor unevenness can affect the operation of the entire phone. Therefore, in order to ensure the perfect inlay and integration of each component, it is necessary to use the current high-precision welding processing method for processing.

Laser welding machine use high-energy laser pulses to locally heat materials in small areas. The energy radiated by the laser is directed towards the internal diffusion of the material through heat transfer, melting the material and forming a specific molten pool to achieve the purpose of welding. Laser welding machine has small Heat-affected zone, small deformation, fast welding speed, flat and beautiful welds, and is suitable for welding various parts of mobile phones. So what parts do mobile phones require laser welding?


Laser welding machine application in the outer frame and shrapnel of the middle frame

Mobile phone shrapnel, like a hub connecting 4G and 5G, connects the aluminum alloy frame to other material structural components of the phone’s middle plate.

Connect the metal frame of the mobile phone to other material structural components of the phone’s middle plate. Laser welding is used to weld metal shrapnel onto conductive sites, playing a role in oxidation and corrosion resistance. Materials such as gold-plated aluminum, copper-plated steel, and gold-plated steel can also be used as shrapnel to be welded to mobile phone parts through a metal parts laser welding machine.

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Laser welding machine application in USB data cable power adapter

USB data cables and power adapters play important roles in our daily lives. Currently, many domestic manufacturers of electronic data cables use laser welding technology to produce and weld them.

Because the shielding case and USB head of the mobile phone data cable are made of stainless steel, their precise welding position is very small. Laser welding machine is a precision welding equipment with low welding heat, which will not harm the electronic components inside during welding. The welding depth is large, the surface width is small, the welding strength is high, and the speed is fast. Laser welding machine can achieve automatic welding, ensuring the durability, reliability, and shielding efficiency of mobile phone data lines.

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Laser welding machine application in between internal metal parts

The traditional welding method has unattractive welds and is prone to deformation around the product, leading to situations such as detachment. However, the internal structure of the mobile phone is delicate, and when welding is used for connection, the welding point area is required to be very small. Ordinary welding methods cannot meet this requirement. Therefore, laser welding machine are mostly used for welding between the main components in mobile phones.

Common welding methods for mobile phone parts include resistance capacitor laser welding, stainless steel nut laser welding, camera module laser welding, and RF antenna laser welding. Laser welding machine do not require tool contact during the welding process of mobile phone cameras, avoiding surface damage caused by tool contact with device surfaces. They have higher processing accuracy and are a new type of microelectronic packaging and interconnection technology that can be perfectly applied to the processing of various metal parts in mobile phones.

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Laser welding machine application in chip and PCB board

Mobile phone chips usually refer to chips used for mobile communication functions, and Pcb boards are the support body for electronic components and the provider of electrical connections for electronic components. With the development of mobile phones towards lightness and thinness, traditional soldering is no longer suitable for welding the internal parts of mobile phones.

Using laser welding machine technology to weld mobile phone chips, the weld seam is exquisite and there will be no adverse situations such as solder detachment. Laser welding machine uses a high-energy density laser beam as a heat source to melt and solidify the material surface into a whole, with characteristics such as fast speed, large depth, and small deformation.


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