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Precision welding empowers mobile phone accessories, connectors, and mobile phone component application upgrades

Consumer electronics is one of the main application industries of laser welding. Laser welding has the characteristics of non-contact, high precision, flexibility, etc. It can realize fine micro-processing of consumer electronics products and effectively meet the overall requirements of fast, efficient, stable and reliable, and beautiful appearance of 3C products. need.
Riselaser laser is widely used in the consumer electronics industry. It has formed a core light source, standard machine, laser welding customized automation system and fully automatic production line for laser welding and automated integration applications of mobile phone functional components. At the same time, relying on continuous polishing of product details and technological innovation, we provide global industrial users with highly competitive and leading laser welding and automated integration solutions for mid-plates, studs, shrapnel and other mobile phone functional components.

Based on product characteristics and production capacity requirements, we have successively developed a series of standard welding workbenches, automated welding systems, industry-specific automation equipment, etc., to provide customers with overall smart factory solutions.
Innovation is the first driving force for enterprise development. Riselaser Laser is based on the mobile phone products, mobile phone communications, and electronic components industries, and continues to deepen its cultivation. It is committed to laser welding and automation applications of 3C consumer electronics products such as mobile phone midboards, studs, and shrapnel.

The market demand for mobile phone accessories depends on the volume of shipments. With the continuous advancement of technology, the market has higher and higher requirements for the quality and user experience of mobile phones. At the same time, the quality and functions of mobile phone accessories are getting more and more attention. Connectors are the communication bridge for electronic circuits and involve a wide range of products. At present, the connector market size is generally growing steadily.

Laser welding applications for mobile phone accessories and connectors

Concentrated on various motors, VCM, mobile phone shrapnel, cameras, studs, shields, fuses, radiators, fingerprint modules, SD card trays, mobile phone hinges, mobile phone antennas, camera brackets, earpieces, mobile phone function keys, connectors Laser welding and automated integration applications in subdivisions such as connectors, tapes, wires, wireless charging, and charging heads.

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