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Laser Welding Machine Advantages And Application Scenarios

With the popularization of laser cutting machines, the accuracy of sheet metal cutting and cutting is becoming higher and higher, which also creates conditions for the application of laser welding machine technology. Many companies are considering using laser welding technology to improve welding accuracy and aesthetics.
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Laser welding machine advantages and application scenarios

1. Laser welding machine wins in the low-end processing market with cost-effectiveness, while breaking through the limitations of traditional welding processes in high-end manufacturing. Laser welding is widely used in both low-end and high-end processing markets.

Among them, the main products in the low-end market are handheld laser welding machine, which is compact and easy to operate and can achieve complex and irregular welding processes. It is mainly used for welding metal and non-metallic plates below 3mm, and its application fields include light industry industries such as sheet metal, kitchen utensils, bathrooms, and hardware.

In the high-end market, it meets the needs of downstream manufacturers for automation, safety, precision, product yield, processing efficiency, etc., and has welding effects that traditional welding processes cannot achieve. It is mainly used in the power battery, automotive, and consumer electronics industries.

2. High welding efficiency, low labor costs, and the economic benefits of handheld laser welding are evident.

From the perspective of purchase cost, a handheld laser welding machine costs about 30000 yuan, more than 10 times that of a traditional arc welding machine. However, the welding efficiency of laser welding is about three times that of arc welding. If the project capacity requires three sets of electric arc welding, one set of laser welding can meet the workload, and the labor quantity required is also 1/3 of the traditional process, which can greatly save labor costs. Taking a project requiring three electric arc welding machines (corresponding to one laser welding machine) as an example, laser welding can reduce the annual total cost by 74000 yuan, with significant economic benefits. In addition, laser welding machine has low energy loss and meets the requirements of energy conservation and environmental protection. It also performs better in terms of welding effect and joint quality.


3. Laser cutting machines have strong universality and weak differentiation in various application fields, while laser welding machines have specificity in various downstream markets, and different welding methods may be adopted depending on the purpose. For example, brazing is commonly used for welding car bodies, while thermal or laser conduction welding is commonly used for welding medical devices.


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