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Why Laser Marking Machine Is So Popular In The Food Industry?

In order to meet the market demand, our food safety standards are getting higher and higher. As for food labeling and food marking, we can no longer use ink equipment as before. After all, ink is still a chemical, and there are always gaps in health and safety. The successful application of laser marking machine in the food industry has greatly enhanced the competitiveness of the technology in the food equipment packaging industry, and is widely welcomed by the food packaging equipment industry.

The laser marking machine has the advantages of fast marking speed, high efficiency, no consumables, no pollution, long service life, simple operation, computer-operated graphics and texts can be modified at will without changing the mold. The graphics and texts marked are permanent and will not be separated from each other and will not fade. At present, large enterprises such as Mengniu, Yili, Coca Cola and so on, which are well-known in China, have adopted laser marking machines to mark their products, which not only improves the production efficiency, but also saves a lot of labor and ink and solvent costs of inkjet printer.

Riselaser has a brand-new assembly line laser code printer. The laser code printer can mark all kinds of information required by the enterprise on all kinds of food packaging and beverage packaging, such as QR code, bar code, production date, instructions for use, shelf life, place of origin, logo, serial number, serial number, symbol, etc.

Riselaser has more than ten years of laser equipment R & D and manufacturing experience in the laser equipment industry. It is a laser equipment manufacturer with independent technology. It has a group of professional technical teams and after-sales service teams. It can provide customers with proofing, free distribution of equipment, commissioning equipment, on-site technical training, remote technical guidance, etc. free of charge.

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