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GW Launched The First KW Air-Cooled Laser Intelligent Welding Machine In China

New product launch

GW officially launched A1500 air-cooled handheld laser welder. Based on the independent property rights, the air-cooled 976nm high-efficiency energy-saving technology, high brightness single-mode group laser technology and embedded laser welding process software are the first kilowatt class air-cooled laser intelligent welding machine in China, officially stepping into the new market track of 100 billion yuan of laser welding machine.

Welding comparison

Manual electrode welding: large spatter, low utilization rate of filler metal, frequent removal of welding slag and replacement of welding rod, extremely slow speed, low production efficiency, and highly dependent on the welder’s operating skills and experience.

Manual MIG welding: the welding wire consumption is large, the heat input is large, the welding thin plate is easy to deform and burn through, the welding medium and thick plate needs to be beveled, and the weld bulge is serious, so it needs to be polished later. Manual TIG welding: the welding seam has shallow fusion depth and wide fusion width. It can only weld thin plates with large deformation. Large current will also cause tungsten electrode melting and evaporation. Manual wire filling is difficult and inefficient.

Hand held laser welding: simple operation, deep penetration, fast speed, smooth and beautiful weld, small deformation, reduce the subsequent grinding process, and can weld beautiful products without teachers.

protable mini laser welder machine

Laser Welding Machine Features

Lighter weight.

Easier operation.

More efficient welding.

Beautiful weld seam.

More security.

welder samples-2

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