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What Is A Semiconductor Laser Marking Machine

The principle of semiconductor laser marking machine: Semiconductor laser pumped all-solid-state laser (DPSSL) Working principle of laser marking is the use of high-power semiconductor quantum trap laser instead of gas lamp pumped solid crystal as the gain medium laser resonator, so that it produces a new wavelength of the laser, in the use of crystal ready-frequency mixing intersection should produce SHG, THG and other wavelengths of lasers.

Through the design, the whole laser marking process, operating procedures and quality standards of the total inspection of the material, the production of the Department, the process inspection, the assembly commissioning to the finished product test are established. Semiconductor laser Marking unit: mainly composed of four systems: Optical road system, circuit system, waterway system and control system. Optical path system is mainly composed of red light, total inverse, semi-inverse, module, Q, field mirror, beam expansion mirror, scanning and so on. The circuit system is mainly composed of control circuit (control box), laser power supply, Q power supply, scanning power supply. The control system is mainly composed of scanning vibration mirror, computer, control software (board card) and so on.

Waterway system is mainly composed of water tank, water pipe, forming a circulating waterway. Semiconductor laser Marking machine advantages: Good laser beam mode, high electro-optical conversion efficiency, low power consumption, maintenance-free; some photoelectric measuring manufacturers change the light source of laser in measuring equipment from the original He-Ne laser to diode laser, in order to obtain the best machine life (He-Ne laser life is generally 10^4HR, and diode laser Life of 10^5HR, 10 times times the difference), especially suitable for long time operation in the field, the role of the switch can be achieved in an instant, suitable for communication purposes. and semiconductor laser marking machine quickly stabilized down, but also very suitable for the circuit modulation of its output, such as the use of pulse modulation method to measure the distance (and He-Ne laser marking machine must be turned on 30 minutes before stabilizing down, this is not comparable to the semiconductor laser marking machine); The use of the Ⅲ/V in the periodic table, such as Gallium arsenide and other compounds can be made into diode laser, when the current through the PN interface, due to different compounds and the issuance of a variety of visible lasers and non-visible lasers. As long as the semiconductor laser changes the proportion of the combined elements, it can change the different energy intervals, different energy intervals, providing different output wavelengths, because of the infrared and red wavelengths, in the communication and measurement is easy to cooperate with a variety of sensors and get a wide range of applications, simple and convenient operation, high accuracy of marking quality ; Mechanical properties: Compact structure, sturdy, small size advantages.

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