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What Is YAG Laser Marking Machine

YAG Laser Marking machine series of models with the highest cost-effective high-end products-semiconductor laser marking machine.

In recent years, with the reduction of manufacturing costs has replaced the lamp pump laser marking machine has become the procurement preferred model for laser processing users, the use of semiconductor laser marking machine, can greatly save the cost of power consumption and consumables in post-maintenance, to obtain better laser marking effect, and can improve the reliability of equipment, greatly reduce the amount of maintenance.

Advantages of Semiconductor laser marking machine:

1. Save lamp: Semiconductor diode life of up to 10,000 hours, to work eight hours a day, can be up to three years without the need to replace consumables, and Krypton lamp life is only hundreds of hours, so semiconductor laser marking machine can be called maintenance-free system.

2. Power Saving: Semiconductor laser marking machine power consumption is only about 2KW, and lamp pump laser marking machine needs about 6KW, that is, semiconductor laser marking machine can save 4 degrees per hour, according to industrial electricity per hour electricity one yuan calculation, the same work for one hour,

Semiconductor laser marking machine every hour to work than the lamp pump laser marking machine Save 4 yuan electricity bill.

3. Better marking Effect: semiconductor pump produced by the laser monochrome better, laser mode is preferred, laser focus after the light point is smaller, more energy concentration, can achieve better marking effect, so the semiconductor laser marking machine can make the lamp pump laser marking machine could not achieve the process effect.

4. Maintenance-Free: lamp pump laser marking machine need to change krypton lights often, each change of lights also have to re-debug the light path.

And the semiconductor laser marking machine maintenance-free, greatly increased the stability and reliability of the equipment, reducing the daily maintenance workload.

5. Other calculations that are not accurately calculated: Lamp pumped laser marking machine bulky, noisy operation, while huge cold water opportunities to generate more heat, especially in the southern summer, the environment temperature is higher, these excess heat will make the worker’s working environment worse, or need more air conditioning system to adjust the temperature of the working environment, Increase the cost of production.

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