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What Are The Laser Welding Machine Welding Methods?

According to the working mode of laser welding,the laser welding machine can be divided into the following ways:

1.The galvanometer welding uses the quick scanning function of the galvanometer to preset parameters such as the welding path and laser energy manipulation on the computer. The welding speed is faster, the accuracy is high, and the beam mode is good. It is a kind of fine welding method.

2.Lap welding/splice welding is a welding method that extends two plates. The thickness and material of the plates can be the same or different. It is widely used in the production of automobiles, container shells, metal frames and file cabinets.

3.Laser spot welding uses the high-energy laser pulse generated by the laser to heat the metal instantaneously to form a short molten pool, which will solidify before the next pulse. With faster speed, high efficiency, large height, small deformation and small heat affected area, it is more often used for jewelry, advertising word welding, etc.

4.There are two types of penetration welding. One is through heat conduction. The heat is transferred to the contact surface below through the material above, so that the two materials can be welded together. The other is that the laser heats the material below through the transparent material above (such as plastic) to weld the upper and lower materials together.

5.Swing welding is also called wobbling welding. In the welding process, the laser beam is swung along the weld track to improve the tolerance requirements of the weld and reduce the impact of pores in the welding.

Welding Inductions

In laser welding, the precise control of laser power is very important for the quality of the weld, especially at the beginning and end of the weld. At different stages of the melting process, the absorptivity and reflectivity of the metal to the laser are quite different. The experiment shows that in the beginning and end stages of welding, the segmented power control of laser power can achieve better welding quality. However, laser welding without segmented control is prone to obvious locomotive and tail effects at the beginning and end stages.

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