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Laser Welding Machine Application In Magnesium Alloy Welding

At present, most hardware products are still welded by argon arc welding and other traditional welding methods during processing. Traditional welding has various defects and is an extensive and high-energy-consuming welding method. To meet market demand, Riselaser launched laser welding machine.


Laser welding machine features

1. Laser welding machine adopt integrated structure, that’s its control system, laser system and cooling system are all built-in and integrated.

2. Handheld holding welding head is easily operated,picking and moving.

3. Using the fiber laser source. The laser beam quality is quite good, and its output power is stable which can assure the high welding performance.

4. The Laser welding machine is with the safety control box, which can control the laser beam only comes out when welding starts.

The automobile manufacturing industry has developed by leaps and bounds in recent years. The manufacturing materials of automobile parts have gradually changed from aluminum alloy to magnesium alloy. Compared with aluminum alloy auto parts, magnesium alloy has the characteristics of light weight, and its rigidity, strength, conductivity, thermal conductivity and other properties have been improved and optimized. In addition, magnesium alloy can be recycled, with good recycling effect and low economic cost.

The laser welding machine process can produce an oxide film on the welding part of the magnesium alloy during the welding process of the magnesium alloy material, so as to realize the efficient protection of the magnesium alloy device.

Not only in the field of automobile manufacturing, but also in the field of aerospace and aviation, the wide use of magnesium alloys has also made the laser welding machine process become the mainstream welding technology, because it can meet the complex requirements of the production and manufacturing of mechanical components used in aerospace and can also effectively reduce the dead weight of aircraft.

laser welding samples


Laser welding machine packaging

packaging size

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