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Laser Marking Machine Application In Circuit Board

The circuit board is an important component carrier and circuit connection carrier in the 3C industry. The industrial output value accounts for about one quarter of the total output value of electronic components, which accounts for the largest proportion in the various electronic component segment industries, while the flexible PCB (FPC) is one of the fastest growing sub-industries in the PCB industry. As the “mother of electronic products”, PCB is widely used. With the development of intelligence in the electronic industry, the number of layers of PCBs is increasing, becoming smaller and thinner, and the number of electronic components is also increasing, and the precision of processing is also higher. Laser marking machine technology is increasingly widely used in PCB processing due to its unique advantages.

Nowadays, mobile phones, computers, mobile wearable devices and other devices use a large number of PCB circuit boards. In the production process of electronic equipment, it is necessary to trace the circuit boards through two-dimensional code identification to help enterprises achieve more real-time, accurate and reliable production quality management. The traditional marking method is to use ink label paper to paste on the product, but this method has many problems: large consumption of materials, high pollution, high labor cost, easy to fall off the mark, and so on. The laser marking machine does not need consumables and manual participation, which can greatly save labor costs, improve work efficiency, and avoid waste and pollution.

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