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Optical Fiber Laser Marking Machine To Realize Your Metal Dream

Fiber laser marking machine, as the most commonly used laser equipment in laser marking equipment, is closely related to our processing industry, ranging from aerospace and transportation to cell phones and rings, suitable for sheet metal industry, automobile industry, kitchenware industry, advertising industry, lighting industry and so on, the use is also very extensive. Although there are many ways to mark the workpiece, but the laser marking machine and ordinary we want to say the marking method is different, it is mainly through the laser way to mark objects, suitable for marking a variety of materials.

The metal can be processed by optical fiber laser marking machine, and the marking precision can reach 1mm, which can not be achieved by traditional processing methods. In the processing of carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum and other metal plates, with ultra-high precision, can achieve a processing molding, improve production efficiency.

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Today’s era, fiber laser marking machine, a multi-purpose machine, can make a variety of metal crafts. In automobile manufacturing industry, fiber laser marking machine can be used in automobile parts, body, door frame, trunk, roof cover, etc. , fiber laser marking machine can be customized to different plate flexible processing, giving birth to a blossoming fitness industry; in the kitchen and bathroom hardware industry, fiber laser marking machine marking and carving out of tableware can always bring us cooking pleasure and different enjoyment; in the lighting home industry, fiber laser marking machine marked out the metal lampshade, hanging decorations and other delicate and beautiful metal crafts, for the love of surprise, to add a little sweet life.

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