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What Is The Relationship Between Fiber Laser Marking Machine And Decoration Industry?

In recent years, with the continuous development and improvement of fiber laser marking machine, its application is also increasing. In many industries, the application of laser marking machine has brought about changes and promoted the development of sheet metal processing, hardware cabinet, elevator processing and hotel metal industry? It is precisely because of the flexibility of the laser, excellent performance of the design of the practicality of high-tech marking and hollowing into the metal decoration.

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Due to the traditional processing method, metal processing is very difficult, so the metal decoration was expensive before, but using fiber laser marking machine to process metal, not only the marking speed is fast, but also can mark any graph, the marking mouth is smooth without Burr, no die consumption and other issues.

However, in the era of pursuing personalization and equal price and output compared with the traditional processing methods, the optical fiber laser marking function provides a variety of family products. While requiring fine processing, it solves many problems and realizes the diversification and multi-function of products. The decoration factory can use the marking board for processing. In order to meet the market demand, the laser marking machine realizes sophisticated marking, improves the processing efficiency, reduces the cost, and finds a new starting point for modern decoration design. The optical fiber laser marking machine injects a new experience and different home life into modern home decoration.

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