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Laser Marking Machine Mark On Metal Tea Cups

Tea cups are made of ceramics, wood, stainless steel and other materials. For the sake of firmness, stainless steel tea cups are widely used. The laser function of stainless steel teacup can be solved at one time from the initial cutting of stainless steel plate to the later marking treatment to the marking treatment before leaving the factory. We usually choose metal laser marking machine for stainless steel plate cutting. The non-contact processing method and accurate energy control make the marking edge smooth and flat without burrs. Metal laser marking machine is a good helper for stainless steel cutting.

Riselaser 50W Split Laser Marking Machine

One of the important processes in the tea cup is the marking process. Due to the thin wall of the tea cup barrel, it is especially suitable for the laser marking machine to complete the marking process. The metal laser marking machine adopts a hand-held model design, which can mark the edges and corners freely and flexibly. The marking seam is beautiful and flat without later grinding process. It has high efficiency and is 2 ~ 5 times higher than the traditional marking process. It is the best choice for marking stainless steel tea cups.

Before the tea cup leaves the factory, the characters and model information will be engraved on the barrel. At this time, our optical fiber marking machine is used. The optical fiber laser marking machine is suitable for marking the surface of various metal materials such as stainless steel, galvanized plate, copper, iron and aluminum alloy. The handwriting is clear and beautiful, corrosion-resistant for a long time and has very good traceability. It is an essential equipment for marking stainless steel tea cups.

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