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Laser Welding Machine Application In Welding Kitchen Utensils

Today we are talking about stainless steel tableware, and we know that there is a process in the production of tableware that involves welding. To make kitchen utensils more exquisite and perfect, traditional welding methods are difficult to achieve the desired results, so handheld laser welding machines have emerged.

laser welding machine

The efficiency of traditional argon arc welding is not high, and it requires skilled workers with years of experience in argon arc welding to complete the welding quality and efficiency. The most important thing is that the welded seam needs a large amount of polishing and polishing after welding.

Laser welding machine welding is a process that uses a focused high-energy laser beam to melt and connect materials, forming excellent welding joints. The laser welding machine has the characteristics of fast welding speed, small workpiece deformation, high fusion ratio of the weld seam, small grain size, simple post-welding treatment, and good weld quality.


The laser welding machine equipment is simple to use and does not require years of professional welding technicians to operate. Ordinary employees can proficiently master the welding process after a few days of training and use. The welded seam does not need a lot of polishing, and the welding heat-affected area is very small.

laser welding samples

Kitchenware has extremely low heat input during laser welding, minimal deformation after welding and can achieve a very beautiful welding surface effect. There are few subsequent welding treatments, and laser welding machines can greatly reduce or eliminate the huge labor costs of polishing and leveling processes.

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