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Laser Welding Machine Application In Aluminum Alloy Welding

Laser welding machine features

1. Laser welding machine using special welding software .It has function of continuous laser beam, and the adjustable output waveform , which can assure the precious and high-speed welding.

2. It costs very low working consumption. Using laser machine one hour only consume 1-1.5 degree electricity, and weld all kinds of thin metal plates.

3. Laser welding machine can weld a wide range of metal, includes the stainless steel, carbon steel, cooper ,aluminum alloy , zinc plated board.

4. Very nice welding performance .No deformation, small thermal effect.

5. 2-step trigger and welding part contact sensor enhance operator safety.


Laser welding machine is widely used in the welding of aluminum alloy materials in the automobile manufacturing industry. In the process of welding automobile related components, the side blowing of shielding gas is the most commonly used welding method, which can realize the all-round protection of galvanized sheet for vehicles.

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From the current development practice of automobile manufacturing industry, aluminum alloy is a relatively common industrial material, which can play the role of anti-corrosion and reducing vehicle weight. Therefore, aluminum alloy materials are widely used in many aspects of laser welding machine, such as engine, wheel rim, instrument panel, etc. Laser welding machine has unique advantages in the welding of aluminum alloy materials, because it can achieve efficient protection of aluminum alloy materials.

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