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Laser Welding Machine Application In Electronic Components

The laser welding machine adopt continuous fiber laser source, which is a fiber and metal welding machine. The portable handheld laser welding machines with industrial integrated design.

Under the traditional welding process, the welding surface will have too high temperature and radiation, which will damage the electronic components themselves, cause the electronic components to break or contact poorly, and affect the surrounding environment. Although these adverse effects can be solved by relevant means, it will undoubtedly shorten the service life of electronic components and even affect the subsequent normal work.


From the current welding practice, laser welding machine has been widely used in the welding field of electronic components. Because the laser welding machine process has the excellent characteristics of carrying out local micro-range heating, and can also accurately control the local temperature of the welding part of electronic components. Generally speaking, the laser welding process can achieve the ideal state of producing high average temperature in small areas without adversely affecting the surrounding areas.

laser welding samples

Laser welding machine features

1. Beautiful weld seam.

2. Flexible & simple operate.

3. High efficiency.

4. Laser welding machine with simple interface operation.

5. Hand-held design is easy to carry.

6. No need for professional welders.

Welding Inductions

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