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Laser Welding Machine’s Shielding Gas Functions.

When use laser welding machine, shielding gas will affect the weld formation, weld quality, weld penetration and weld width. In most cases, blowing shielding gas will have a positive impact on the weld, but it may also bring adverse effects.


1.Proper blowing of shielding gas will effectively protect the weld pool to reduce or even avoid oxidation.

2.Proper blowing of shielding gas can effectively reduce the spatter generated during welding.

3.The correct blowing of shielding gas can promote the uniform spreading of weld pool during solidification and make the weld formation uniform and beautiful.

4.Proper blowing of protective gas can effectively reduce the shielding effect of metal vapor plume or plasma cloud on the laser and increase the effective utilization rate of the laser.

5.Proper blowing of shielding gas can effectively reduce weld porosity.

As long as the gas type, gas flow and blowing mode are selected correctly, ideal results can be achieved.

Laser welding machine features

1. Designed with compact machine body and handheld welding head, this laser welding machine is convenient to use and makes the welding process more flexible.

2. With the function of automatic laser welding, this machine has fast welding speed.

3. Mini fiber laser welding machine adopting simple control panel, this laser welding machine is easy to learn and simple to operate. No certificate is needed to operate it for beginners.

4. The finished welding seam is smooth and almost doesn’t need any further polishing process.

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