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Laser Marking Machine Has Virtually Changed The Marking Industry

Laser marking machine has virtually changed the life of marking industry, changed the technical disadvantages of traditional marking, and provided continuous support for the development of modern industry and mechanical equipment industry. With the continuous upgrading of laser marking machine, its application field has also been growing. Hand held laser marking machines are becoming more and more popular and have become the mainstream market.

20W laser marking machine for metal

Before, many enterprises used ordinary marking machines. Although they can meet most needs, there are also many problems, such as common defects left in the marking process, such as poor marking, cracks, etc. Moreover, there are certain requirements for the operator’s technology, so that the operation speed is very slow and the efficiency can not keep up.

Handheld laser marking machine is widely used in many fields, such as automobile, military industry, electronics, hardware and so on.

laser engraving machine for metal

Handheld laser marking machine is fast, several times faster than ordinary marking machine. Human operation will have certain errors, but the machine operation will be very accurate, making the finished products smooth and beautiful. In the later stage, there is no need for manual comparison for grinding and repair, which reduces a large part of manpower.

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