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What Are The Fiber Laser Marking Machine Price Fluctuation’s Reasons?

Since the optical fiber laser marking machine must select the matching equipment, not all laser equipment can have superior marking effect, but the equipment with marking experience and high marking technology level has different practical application significance and value. The optical fiber laser marking machine forms a solid marking between various materials, In the laser process of connecting various materials, although this is the most commonly used marking method for metals, its process is not limited to this material.


The laser used concentrates high-intensity rays in the concentrated area. The purpose of this process is to physically melt the two materials together and form key points between them. Since the price of optical fiber laser marking machine depends on the commonly used laser and its working mode, pulse laser marking and continuous laser marking are commonly used. The former is mainly used for single point fixed continuous marking, A circular surface is formed during marking, which is mainly used in the marking process to form the marking and cutting of a continuous marking thick part. The main factors affecting the laser marking effect include the selection of marking materials, optical fiber laser marking machine and processing table.

When many enterprises know the price of optical fiber laser marking machine, the strength of production in the marking process mainly depends on the time of laser on the material surface, as well as the power and peak value of the equipment. If these parameters are well controlled, laser can be used for a variety of marking processing, and the most important control process in laser marking, The technical parameter is the beam focus position.

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