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Future Prospect Of Laser Marking Machine In Metal

Laser marking has a high application range in the current use, especially in the application of specific metal marking. And the traditional metal marking processing methods are pure, which is a big problem. For example, the efficiency is low, the labor intensity of workers is relatively high, and the accuracy can not meet the requirements. The use of laser marking can have the advantages of faster work efficiency and good processing effect.

In the current laser marking industry, laser marking machine can be widely used in aviation, engineering machinery, automobile manufacturing and so on.

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Metal marking has a lot of inconvenience in the process of transportation and processing. Although the traditional marking method can meet and meet some requirements within a certain range, the processing efficiency is low and the processing method is relatively poor. Therefore, the selection of new laser marking in metal laser marking has a wide development and prospect.

The laser marking machine has the advantages of high precision, small heat affected area, fast marking speed, good flexibility and smooth incision. In the process of processing, there are many advantages and advantages such as no wear and tear. With the emergence of 3D laser marking machine, there are more and higher requirements for spatial free-form surface and curved surface.

In the current market, the laser marking machine is wide and narrow, the heat affected area is relatively small, and the marking is smooth without any impact. The marking efficiency can be improved by 8-20 times compared with the traditional processing method. The processing speed can be increased by 20%. The cost of processing can be reduced a lot. The impact on the environment is also relatively small.

Future trend of metal laser marking

Laser marking adopts non-contact marking method, which is very necessary in the whole future market. There will be no pressure during the processing of the pipe wall for metal. It will not cause any collapse and deformation. At the same time, the treatment of metal gap in laser marking machine is also very good.

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