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Laser Inkjet Printer Can Effectively Solve The Identification Problem

   Laser jet printer is a new type of coding equipment on the market in recent years. It is modulated by laser, computer mainframe, internal control and external induction lamp. It strengthens and heat treatment technology on the surface of the product to achieve the purpose of marking anti-counterfeit and anti-counterfeiting goods. . Laser printers are widely used in food, pharmaceutical and other industries. They are mainly used in the pharmaceutical industry for information labeling of packaging, ensuring traceability of medicines.

    Compared with the traditional inkjet printer, the laser printer does not need to clean the nozzle and replace the consumable parts frequently. It is more environmentally friendly than using the ink, and can greatly save the running cost. The marking effect of the inkjet code is clearer and will not be preserved for a long time. Was erased. Its appearance effectively solves the problem of goods dumping caused by unclear identification, and is a relatively cost-effective coding scheme.

    “The dot matrix ink coder has problems such as high pollution, high consumables, high failure, high maintenance, etc., especially the chemical pollution generated during use, which can cause damage to the environment and operators. Therefore, some developed The country has identified it as a replacement and phase-out device since the 1990s,” the industry said.

    At present, laser coding technology is gaining a broad market with high speed, high reliability, low operating cost, easy installation and precision, and bar code printing precision. Some laser printers on the market also have a unique and ingenious film-wrapping structure, which solves the synchronization error during rapid coding, and the coding position can be adjusted arbitrarily. It is especially suitable for the packaging machine of continuous packaging and sealing such as pillow packaging machine. Coding, is the ideal product to replace the rotary laser printer.

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