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How To Hoose Laser For Welding Correctly

Laser welding is an efficient and precise welding method which uses high energy density laser beam as heat source. How to choose the right laser is a very important problem in the actual processing. There are CO2 laser, YAG solid laser, semiconductor laser, fiber laser, disk laser and so on in the market. At present, the main way of laser welding is to use fiber laser to weld metal materials.

Before choosing a laser, we need to consider its economy and benefit comprehensively. We can start from the following points:

1. Have a comprehensive understanding of current industrial lasers;

2. Consider the reliability of operation under the environmental conditions of the production site, and the convenience of adjustment and maintenance;

3. Understand the economic and technical strength and reliability of equipment vendors;

4. Initial calculation of investment and operation costs;

5. Consider whether the supplementary source of vulnerable parts of equipment is guaranteed and whether the supplier channel is unobstructed.

If the laser has been selected, the type of laser required shall be determined according to the application type and technical requirements:

1. According to the processing requirements, the laser type shall be selected reasonably, with emphasis on wavelength, power and mode.

2. The laser should be selected according to the material, shape, size, equipment characteristics and technical indicators of the welding parts.

3. Small and medium power laser can be used for welding of micro parts and precision parts.

4. The welding machine with high power shall be used for the welding of medium and thick plates.

5. Pulse laser welding machine can be used for spot welding.

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