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Laser Cleaning Machine Principle And Advantages

Laser cleaning machine technology refers to the process of using high-energy laser beams to irradiate the surface of workpieces, causing instantaneous evaporation or peeling of dirt, rust spots, or coatings on the surface, thereby achieving cleaning and purification.


The mechanism of laser cleaning is mainly based on the absorption of laser energy by surface pollutants, either vaporization and evaporation or instantaneous thermal expansion to overcome the adsorption force of particles on the surface. This enables laser cleaning to adapt to the cleaning of various surface pollutants, with minimal environmental pollution and no damage to the substrate. At present, this method has become a supplement and extension of traditional cleaning methods and has shown broad application prospects due to its inherent advantages.

Laser cleaning machine characteristics

1. Laser cleaning machine with no contact, zero damage to the substrate. Because there is no direct physical contact during the cleaning process, there will be no physical damage to the workpiece.

2. Wide applicability and good cleaning effect. The laser has good directionality and can accurately locate the workpiece parts, allowing for selective operations without being limited by the surface morphology of the workpiece, and is suitable for various cleaning objects. A laser cleaning machine can accurately control the cleaning process and achieve the desired cleaning effect.

3. Easy to use, flexible, and easy to operate. The laser cleaning handheld series equipment is not only mobile but also very convenient to carry, with a lightweight work head that can be operated for a long time; Automated cleaning equipment can be installed on motion platforms, robots, and other motion mechanisms to achieve stable and automated cleaning, with simple operation.

4. Green and environmentally friendly, with high cost-effectiveness. During the cleaning process, only electrical energy is consumed, and long-term cleaning costs are low.


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