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Laser Cleaning Application

Application areas of laser cleaning

Traditional cleaning methods mostly use chemical agents, sandblasting, or high-pressure water for cleaning. In contrast, laser cleaning machines are a new generation of intelligent products. Effectively removes contaminants and rejuvenates surfaces like new. It has the characteristics of no grinding, non-contact, no thermal effect, and is suitable for objects of various materials. For metal production, electronic industry, engineering construction and shipbuilding and other related fields, timely laser cleaning is a very important task.

Every year, tire manufacturers produce hundreds of millions of tires. The quality of the mold directly affects the quality of the tire. During the production process, the tire mold must be cleaned quickly and reliably to save downtime. Using the laser cleaning method, the optical fiber connection can be used to transmit the light to the dead corners of the mold or the parts that are not easy to remove for cleaning. The surface cleanliness is high, the cleaning speed is faster, the cleaning effect is good, and there is no damage to the mold. , High-quality and efficient cleaning.

In addition, in the cleaning of weapons and equipment, decontamination cleaning in the electronics industry, precise deesterification cleaning in the precision machinery industry, etc., in the fields of marine ships, aerospace and other fields, laser cleaning technology has shown multiple advantages, with huge application potential.

This machine has three fuctions for welding, cleaning and cutting.


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