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Different Cleaning Methods Comparation

Laser cleaning is a complete “dry” cleaning process and a “green” cleaning process. The cleaned waste is basically solid powder, small in size, easy to store, recyclable, and much cleaner than Traditional cleaning process; suitable for almost all solid substrates, from large lumps of dirt (fingerprints, rust, oil, paint) to small fine particles (such as metal microparticles, dust) can be cleaned with this method.

Different cleaning methods comparation:

Comparation Laser cleaning Chemical cleaning Mechanical cleaning
Cleaning type Non-contact Contacted Contacted
Cleaning result Fast speed ,good Slow Asymmetry Slow Asymmetry
Cleaningefficiency High Low Low
Damage  degree No damage Damage Damage
Machiningaccuracy High precision Low precision Low precision
Environmental No pollution Chemical pollution Dust pollution
Consumption  Electricity Chemical reagent Sand paper ,sand wheels
Operation Handheld ,automatic Complicated Labor cost

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Product Application

This laser cleaning widely used in daily kitchen utensils, bathroom, doors and windows, advertising, aerospace, shipbuilding, instrumentation and other fields, as well as mechanical and electrical products, automobiles, transportation and other industries.

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