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Air-Cooled Hand-Held Laser Cleaning Machine

Riselaser air-cooled hand-held laser cleaning machine, which can clean the workpieces that are not easy to move by hand, selectively clean the workpieces, and flexibly clean some dead corners in place.

Product main features

1. The equipment adopts air-cooled integrated design, no additional chiller is needed, the whole machine is light and portable, the weight is less than 60kg, the volume is about the size of a business suitcase, and the 220V voltage power supply can be used with you.

2. Using 976nm pumping technology, the power is up to 1500W, which saves energy and saves electricity and has high energy density. It has a good cleaning effect on thicker rust and oxide layers.

3. There are multiple built-in modes, which can realize pulse laser cleaning and continuous laser cleaning. Different cleaning methods are suitable for different usage scenarios: continuous mode cleaning is for thick plates that are not easily deformed by heat, such as: rust removal on the surface of thicker metal plates, and surface cleaning of ship plates. Use pulse mode to clean paint, oil, rust, etc. on the surface of thin metal sheets or abrasives, which can prevent substrate damage caused by heat accumulation.

Air-cooled hand-held laser cleaning machine specification


Max Peak Power 1000W 1500W
Power stability <2% <5%
Operation mode CW/PWM/Pulse/Timing/LA
Beam quality M^2 <1.3
Power adjustment 1-100%
Max repeat frequency  50KHz
Delivery cable length 10m(customized)
Cooling type Air cooled
Scan Range 0-150mm
Scan frequency >300Hz
Focal length 400mm (customized 160-500mm)
Dimension 650x300x621mm (L x W x H)
Cleaning head weight <1.9kg
Total Weight <65kg

In the future, with the continuous development of advanced manufacturing, higher requirements will inevitably be placed on the process of laser cleaning technology. Riselaser will continue to make efforts in the field of laser cleaning. Through independent innovation, it will update and iterate products, and continue to upgrade to help customers improve laser cleaning technology, enhance market competitiveness, and make laser a universal tool for universal benefits.

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