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Development And Application Of Laser Technology

As one of the advanced technologies in modern manufacturing industry, laser technology has the advantages of high precision, high efficiency, low energy consumption and low cost that traditional processing methods do not have. It has a large choice in the material, shape, size and processing environment of processing materials, and can better solve the technical problems in processing and refining caused by different materials. With the continuous development of laser technology and laser micro processing application technology, laser processing technology can replace traditional machining in more fields. Laser fine micro processing has gradually become the core processing technology in the high-end manufacturing field with its advantages of higher precision, stronger flexibility, smaller thermal effect and wider application.

In terms of laser application, laser technology can be widely used in cutting, welding, drilling, marking, engraving, measurement, diagnosis and other fields. China’s industrial upgrading is imminent. The demand for laser technology in many fields such as micro welding, precision measurement, biomedical diagnosis and chip manufacturing is rising, and laser technology has entered a new process of rapid development.

From the development of the laser industry, laser technology has been widely used in consumer electronics, 3D printing, semiconductors, new energy, display, biomedicine, laser detection and other fields. Many domestic enterprises have the strength to compete with foreign enterprises, and their influence in the field of international laser industry is becoming stronger and stronger.

In a word, laser has played a vital and irreplaceable role in some fields. More and more industries have begun to pay attention to the application of laser technology, which makes domestic laser industry companies continue to strengthen their investment in the field of laser technology research and development, and the competition in the field of laser industry is becoming more and more fierce. This is undoubtedly a positive signal for the development of China’s laser industry. In this context, we can quickly narrow the gap with our international counterparts, fill our own technical gaps, and provide important technical support for the development of science and technology in China.

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