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Will The Handheld Laser Welding Machine Become The Technology Trend In The Future?

Handheld laser welding machine is a kind of laser welding equipment operated manually. At the same time, considering the two modes of manual and laser equipment, that is, the traditional welding is manual welding on that electrode, and the handheld laser welding machine is a new product of the combination of manual and laser equipment. In the future, the cost of laser welding may be higher, but compared with pure manual operation, it saves time and labor, and the speed and output will also increase. For the future, whether the handheld laser welding machine can become the leader of the welding technology trend must depend on whether the future technological innovation can reach a certain degree.


To talk about the development history of handheld laser welding machine, we must first understand the development history of welding machine. In essence, the welding machine is not the product of our domestic technology development. The development of welding machine is the introduction of foreign technology. At the beginning of our industry, many people did not know what a welding machine was, what its role was and what it could do. It didn’t develop until it was introduced from other countries, and this product was originally used in this way. It can even be used in all walks of life, as long as welding requires a welding machine.

After being introduced from abroad, we have developed the consciousness of independent innovation and created many new products through welding machines, such as handheld laser welding machines.

The handheld laser welding machine adopts the laser concept and does not use welding rods. It can be used only by operating the welding equipment. This is to avoid the disadvantage of many intermediate gaps in the electrode section. At the same time, when using the hand-held laser welding machine, the covering must be placed. Generally, the covering is automatic. Generally, the covering is sand. Because it can quickly reduce the temperature, the function of the laser welding machine is achieved.


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