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Characteristics And Development Prospect Of Fiber Laser

After more than 50 years of rapid development, laser manufacturing technology has a wide variety. As a dark horse in the new laser, fiber laser has been concerned by the industry and gradually entered the public’s vision. So the question is, what is the reason why fiber lasers have attracted so much attention?

1. Because the fiber core diameter is small, it is easy to form high power density in the fiber core. Therefore, the fiber laser has high conversion rate and high gain, and can easily and efficiently realize the link with the current optical fiber communication system.

2. Fiber laser uses fiber as gain medium and has a large surface area, which makes it have good heat dissipation function and more effective heat management. Therefore, it has higher energy conversion efficiency than solid-state laser and gas laser.

3. Compared with semiconductor laser, the optical path of fiber laser is composed of optical fiber and optical fiber components. The optical fiber and optical fiber components are connected by optical fiber fusion technology, and the whole optical path is completely closed into the optical fiber waveguide. Therefore, once the optical path is completed, it forms a main body, avoids the separation of components, greatly enhances the reliability, and realizes the isolation from the outside world.

Compared with the traditional laser, the fiber laser has the advantages of fast heat dissipation, no adjustment, no maintenance and so on, which makes the fiber laser easily competent for the processing and application of all kinds of three-dimensional and arbitrary space, and makes the design of mechanical system very simple. In addition, it can also be competent for all kinds of harsh working environment, and has a high tolerance for dust, shock, impact, temperature and humidity. It is for these reasons that fiber lasers are widely used. Applicable industries include laser optical fiber communication, industrial shipbuilding, automobile manufacturing, metal parts cladding, military and national defense security, medical instruments and equipment, large-scale infrastructure and so on.

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