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Why We Didn’t Recommend Buying Second-Hand Laser Marking Machines?

Why we didn’t recommend buying second-hand laser marking machines? In order to reduce the purchase cost, or because the price is cheap, many manufacturers or individuals directly choose to buy second-hand laser marking machines. Is this really good?

Of course no, the laser marking machine is different from mobile phones and computers. The latter has low cost and cheap maintenance. The former has high maintenance cost and long maintenance time, which means there will be frequent failures after maintenance. Therefore, Chongqing Renbao laser recommends you not to buy second-hand laser marking machines, even if the funds are not enough.

Second-hand laser marking machine is a laser marking machine that has been used by the early stage and needs to be resold because of special circumstances. It is called second-hand laser marking machine. It has lost the function of the new laser marking machine. Therefore, most of the current laser marking machine manufacturers do not support the repurchase and sale of second-hand laser marking machines. There are several points in the specific cause analysis.

1. The recycled second-hand laser marking machine may not be the equipment of its own brand. Generally, manufacturers with rich brand strength do not use the recycling of non own brand laser marking machines, which also makes the first process of non recyclability of second-hand laser marking machines.

2. Among the used second-hand laser marking machines, they do not fully understand the working process of early users, nor can they fully understand the working condition of the equipment, but also can cause many hidden factors in the internal equipment, which completely realizes the risk of this second-hand laser marking machine.

3. The price difference between the new laser marking machine and the second-hand laser marking machine is not very obvious. If you can and plan to buy the second-hand laser marking machine, why not add that little price to buy the new one? And the new laser marking machine has a good guarantee and perfect after-sales team.

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