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The Development Prospect Of Laser Marking Machine In China’s Industry

Among all marking processing markets in China, only the laser processing of laser marking machine belongs to non-contact marking. Using the advantages of high energy and high speed of laser, it can quickly mark a variety of metals and non metals. In addition to laser marking, it can also laser welding and laser cutting. It not only has low operation cost, but also has high service life and low maintenance, Today, Riselaser will introduce to you the unique characteristics of laser processing of laser marking machine:

1. Using laser marking machine for laser processing can effectively improve production efficiency, increase economic income and ensure product quality.

2. Marking efficiency and marking range can be increased through different media, and various processing can be carried out for workpieces in closed containers; Robots can also be used for laser processing in harsh environments.

3. Laser processing can eliminate “tool” wear, module limitations and other conditions, and reduce costs.

4. It can process a variety of metals and nonmetals, especially materials with high hardness, high brittleness and high melting point.

5. The laser beam is easy to guide and focus, and the conversion matching with the NC system is realized. It is a very flexible processing method.

6. Non contact processing has no direct impact on the workpiece, so it will not cause mechanical deformation, and the energy of high-energy laser beam and its moving speed can be adjusted, so various processing purposes can be realized.

7. In laser processing, the laser beam has high energy density and the speed can be maintained at high speed due to local processing. Then, due to its small heat affected zone, the thermal deformation of the workpiece is small to avoid the subsequent cumbersome processing requirements.

8. Low cost and compact solution, using semiconductor fiber as laser generation medium, without laser gas generation, green and environmental protection.

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