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Why Can Laser Soldering Replace Iron Soldering?

With the development of laser technology, the application of lasers is becoming more and more common. Laser soldering is one of them, because of the advantages of non-contact welding, fast and efficient, high precision, beautiful welds, unlimited product appearance, easy control, and strong adaptability. , Laser soldering technology has gradually replaced traditional soldering iron, especially for consumer electronics products. The requirements for process precision and efficiency are getting higher and higher. Traditional soldering iron can no longer meet the requirements of manufacturers.

Why do more and more manufacturers choose laser soldering instead of soldering iron?


1. The difference of solder contact method

Traditional soldering machines use contact soldering, which can easily cause scratches and damage to the product. Laser welding uses non-contact laser welding, which will not cause mechanical damage to the product.


2. Differences in adaptability to workpieces and products

The laser soldering wire feeding device with the characteristics of laser heating takes up a small space. The laser spot size can be automatically adjusted and can be adapted to various types of solder joints, which makes the laser soldering machine more adaptable to the workpiece.


3. Differences in the impact on the properties of welding components

The traditional soldering machine heats the entire board when welding the solder joints. During the laser soldering process, the laser only heats the part irradiated by the light spot. The local temperature rises quickly, and the solder joint can reach the temperature required for welding soon. This local heating method makes the energy concentrated, the temperature rises fast, and the reduction is effective. Small thermal effect on devices around solder joints.

Handheld laser welding machine111

4. Difference in energy consumption materials

The soldering iron tip needs frequent cleaning and replacement, which greatly increases the welding cost. The laser welding has no equipment and consumables to reduce production costs.

The heating method of the traditional soldering process is to heat the whole board, which increases the power loss; while the local heating of laser welding produces less heat and consumes less energy, which saves power and reduces costs.


5. Dfference in processing accuracy

Traditional soldering irons have limited welding accuracy; the laser spot is very small, and the wire feed control system developed by Riselaser has greatly improved the welding accuracy.

6. Safety performance difference

The non-contact laser soldering method reduces the use of rosin and the residue of combustion-supporting agent, which means that harmful smoke, slag, and waste are greatly reduced; it reduces the damage to the equipment and the injury to the operator.


7.In addition, the laser spot shape of the laser soldering machine can be customized, ring, square, long strip, double focus, etc. These advantages are unmatched by traditional soldering iron soldering technology.


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