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What is the difference between air cooling and water cooling

Air-cooled and water-cooled handheld laser welding machines have no small application in the market, both have their own characteristics but also have their own shortcomings, today we discuss what is the difference between the two devices, in the selection should be how to choose the right style.

1, the welding equipment suitable for air-cooled and water-cooled is different.

Air-cooled cooling equipment, with small size, easy to move, low price characteristics. Traditional argon arc welding can easily meet the requirements of heat dissipation. However, its noise is large, the temperature can not be adjusted and controlled, and the hand-held laser welding machine with high cooling requirements is not so suitable. Water-cooled cooling equipment, also known as laser chiller, uses water-cooled cooling, water temperature can be adjusted and set through the thermostat, low noise, more suitable for cooling the water temperature requirements of the handheld laser welding machine.

2, from the perspective of later maintenance, air cooling and water cooling are similar.

Now on the market welding chiller, mostly cabinet models, can be easily nested into the welding cabinet, with the laser welding machine synchronous movement, easy to solve the installation problem. Water cooling is the use of water circulation cooling, only need to replace the circulating water regularly, usually do not need too much maintenance. In terms of cleaning and maintenance, the fan of the air-cooled chiller is easy to accumulate dust and needs to be cleaned frequently. The water-cooled chiller needs to regularly replace pure water or distilled water to avoid the formation of scale, and needs to regularly clean the cooling fan.

3, how to choose air cooling and water cooling? Which one suits you better?

Air cooling is more suitable for low-power pulse lasers, and some are also low-power continuous lasers, and water cooling as a larger heat dissipation method, more used in high-power lasers, this still needs to be separated.

The cooling effect of the water-cooled hand-held laser welding machine is relatively weak. The cooling system of a water-cooled laser welding machine uses water flow to cool the laser beam, thereby increasing welding speed and efficiency. This cooling method is relatively stable and the welding quality is better than that of the air-cooled laser welding machine. However, because the cooling system uses water flow, the equipment is relatively heavier and requires more energy.

In summary, there is no fixed standard for the choice of water cooling and air cooling, and the suitable style is often selected according to the needs of users. If your handheld laser welding machine has higher power, then there is no other choice to tangle, only water cooled.

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