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Laser cleaning: 4 main laser cleaning methods and application areas

Laser cleaning is a new type of cleaning method, compared with traditional cleaning, more energy saving, environmental protection, safety and efficiency. Laser cleaning has a wide range of applications and plays an important role in many fields. Laser cleaning can not only be used to clean organic pollutants, but also can be used to clean inorganic substances, including metal rust, metal particles, dust, etc.

The main methods of laser cleaning:

1.laser dry cleaning method, that is, the use of pulsed laser direct radiation decontamination;

2.laser + liquid film method, that is, first deposited a layer of liquid film on the surface of the matrix, and then decontamination with laser radiation;

3.the laser + inert gas method, that is, at the same time of laser radiation, the inert gas is blown to the substrate surface, and when the dirt is stripped from the surface, it will be immediately blown away from the surface by the gas to avoid the surface again pollution and oxidation;

4.the use of laser to loosen the dirt, and then clean with non-corrosive chemical methods.

The first three methods are the most commonly used. The fourth method is only seen in the cleaning of stone cultural relics.

Laser cleaning machine application field:

1. Metal or glass surface coating layer removal, quick paint removal;

2.Fast rust removal, and various oxides;

3.Remove grease, resin, glue, dust, stains, production residue;

4.Metal surface roughness, small space metal surface cleaning;

5.Before welding or bonding, paint removal, rust removal, oil removal, oxides after welding, residue treatment;

6, mold cleaning, such as tire mold, electronic mold, food mold;

7, precision parts production and processing after oil removal;

8.Quick cleaning of nuclear power component maintenance;

9.Aerospace weapons, ship production or maintenance of oxide treatment, paint, rust removal;

10.Cultural relics cleaning, rock cleaning, building surface cleaning.

Laser cleaning plays an important role in many fields, with the continuous improvement of technology and the mass production of equipment, laser cleaning technology will play an important role in the cleaning industry.

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