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What Are The Advantages Of Plastic Laser Welding Over Other Welding Technologies?

With the continuous development of the plastic industry, the concept of environmental protection has become increasingly popular. With the requirements of environmental protection and the trend of lightweight, more and more plastics are replacing the metal parts in industrial products. Compared with other welding technologies, plastic laser welding has more advantages:

1.Non contact welding, no physical contact with the workpiece to be welded, no chemical reaction of thermoplastic, and can be operated in an industrial environment. It is suitable for medical and food industries requiring health and safety. The medical industry is mainly used for injection systems, medical electronic equipment, various artificial transplantation and stoma products.

2.The shape and size of the laser beam can be adjusted to control the size of the heat affected zone and the bonding area, with high degree of freedom and good flexibility. It does not limit the size and shape of parts to be welded, and can realize two-dimensional or even three-dimensional welding, which provides a basis for diversified and customized parts production.

3.Fast welding speed, high weld strength, no flash and residue, which can ensure the good appearance of the welding area. Relevant data show that in terms of ordinary passenger cars, the weight of non-metallic materials accounts for about 1 / 3, which accounts for a larger proportion in some models, and plastics is one of the four non-metallic materials for vehicles. The bumper of high-grade car adopts plastic laser welding, which can achieve the best of both strength and appearance. Other laser welding such as automobile filter, gas-liquid separator, automobile instrument panel shell, electronic door opener, gearbox and so on can play a good role.

4.It is precise, firm, airtight and watertight, which can greatly reduce thermal stress and vibration stress. It is most suitable for precision electronic components and easily damaged components.

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