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Laser Marking Machine Application In Plastic Industry

Plastic products fill our lives. We can’t live without plastic everywhere, from cars, electric vehicles and other means of transportation to daily small pieces such as chopsticks and pots.

Common plastic raw materials in the general market include PV, PE, PP, PS, ABS, etc. they are widely used in various fields because of their different properties. In the past, many customers made these raw materials into exquisite finished products through traditional processes, and then flowed into life for human use.

In recent years, with the rapid development of laser processing technology, laser marking machine is more and more widely used in plastic product processing, which greatly makes up for the shortcomings of traditional processing technology. The marking gap of products is smooth and the marking efficiency is high. It is suitable for marking of various heterosexual shapes, and is gradually favored by many plastic product manufacturers, It has become a new processing method to replace the traditional processing method of plastic products. Whether it is plane marking or three-dimensional marking, plastic laser marking machine can help you solve it.

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