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What Are The Advantages Of Laser Equipment In The Electronic Industry?

With the development of industry, electronic equipment is developing in the direction of light, thin and small. FPC is a flexible circuit board often mentioned in our daily life. It has the characteristics of high density, lightweight quality, ultra-thin thickness, good bending and so on. Because of its excellent performance, FPC is widely used in various industries, especially 3C electronics industry.

Laser technology is a kind of thin cutting application produced in the combination of today’s social progress and production practice. The advent of laser technology has brought an unusual breakthrough to the industry. The development of laser has brought advanced laser equipment such as laser cutting, welding machine and marking machine (laser machine) to the electronics, electrical appliances and mold industries, and brought new hope and vitality to the optical industry and industry.

All-in-one laser marking machine. Sample-1

So what are the advantages of laser equipment in the electronic industry?

1. Because the laser is non-contact processing, the energy and speed of the laser are adjustable, so various precision machining can be realized.

2. It can be used for a variety of metal and non-metal processing, especially for processing high hardness, high brittleness and high melting point materials in microelectronics industry.

3. High output, stable and reliable processing quality and high economic benefit.

4. Because the beam is easy to guide and focus, can realize the transformation of all directions, and is easy to cooperate with the NC system, it is a very flexible machining method.

As we all know, 3C electronic industrial products are widely used in life, and the iteration cycle of mobile phones is very short. The hot trend from 4G to 5g will become the focus of competition in the future. Most processing enterprises have focused on this breakthrough. In the precision processing of mobile phone hardware, the processing efficiency and effect of FPC laser equipment are better than the traditional processing methods, and will become the choice of major electronic manufacturers.

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