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Application Of Laser Marking Machine In Automobile Industry.

Light is an unprecedented major creation after atomic energy, electronic computers and semiconductor materials. It is called “faster tool”, “accurate ruler”, “high brightness light” and “strange light”. In recent years, with the development of automobile industry, the application of laser technology in automobile has attracted more and more attention, including fiber laser cutting, laser marking, laser engraving, laser welding, laser headlamp, etc.

Cars are made up of hundreds of auto parts. There are hundreds of kinds of auto parts. How to distinguish, identify and manage such complex and diverse parts, it is necessary to distinguish the information content on its surface. It can identify the two-dimensional code picture, bar code, clear code, factory date, serial number, logo, flower pattern, verification mark, warning mark and other information on auto parts. High quality laser engraving of various spare parts including wheel arc, exhaust pipe, engine cylinder block, piston rod, transmission shaft, speaker light transmission key, identification (nameplate) and so on.

laser marking machine for metal

Excellent characteristics of laser marking machine:

1. High precision: in production and processing, the precision is more than mm, and ultra-fine text and drawing identification can be established.

2. Fast efficiency: faster production and processing speed, combined with automatic assembly line and manipulator, can improve productivity.

3. Laser can display graphic marks of different depths 1 on parts, and establish practical effects such as laser white, laser black and laser color printing.

4. Applicable: mainly used for raw materials of auto parts, including metal materials or non-metallic materials.

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