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Three Rules For Purchasing Laser Marking Machine.

When buying a laser marking machine, you must be clear about the focus of your choice. Understand your needs so that you can buy a satisfactory laser marking machine. Today, I’d like to introduce the three rules for purchasing laser marking machines for your reference.

1.Quality of laser marking machine.

When we buy a laser marking machine, we should first look at its quality. High quality laser marking machine can meet our needs. As a leading laser marking machine in China, it adopts advanced all air cooling technology, with optical conversion efficiency of more than 50%. The laser source of all systems is only 500W, and there is no need for water cooling system. The air cooling system can meet the system requirements.

2.Cost performance of laser marking machine.

We should not only pay attention to the quality of laser marking machine, but also pay attention to the price of laser marking machine, which is the core of purchasing laser marking machine. A cost-effective laser marking machine is worth buying. Although the price of laser marking machine is more expensive than other laser marking machines, considering the long-term investment, the return of laser marking machine is much higher than that of ordinary marking machines. Convenient maintenance, long service life and accurate standards are all advantages that we can’t ignore.

3.After sales of laser marking machine.

Only with a perfect after-sales system can it be called a high-quality laser marking machine. We dare not buy a good laser marking machine without after-sales guarantee and professional technical support, because no one can guarantee that there will be no problems in the use of the machine, and the problems need to be solved by professional technicians. Therefore, perfect after-sales service is very important.

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