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Laser Welding Machine Can Be Applied To Bathroom Products.

Laser welding machine is used for laser welding on bathroom products! Laser welding machine for bathroom equipment takes automobile steel plate welding as an example. The welding process is actually a process of heating the steel plate to liquefy its material, and recrystallization and combination in the cooling process. In the whole process, the heating and cooling time is very important. Due to different heating and cooling time, the crystallization of steel can be divided into many types, Generally speaking, the faster the heating and cooling speed is, the less it is easy to change the original characteristics of the steel plate. The less the changes in the properties of the steel plate caused by welding, the more in line with the automobile strength design and the more guaranteed the safety.

handheld laser welder

Bathroom equipment laser welding machine uses laser to cut metal into different shapes and styles, which brings a lot of convenience. After using the laser, the problems of bit damage and tool wear no longer need to be considered. In addition, the restrictions on the achievable hole diameter and feature size using laser technology are much smaller. Laser technology also makes it possible to drill holes on angled or curved surfaces, regardless of whether the material is hard or soft. In addition, the programmable characteristics of laser equipment also make it possible to complete thousands of such high-speed drilling and conventional applications at high speed in a very short cycle time.

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