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Three Kinds Of Laser Welding Technology Commonly Used In Automobile

With the development of science and technology, laser welding machine is more and more used in automobile. In fact, the laser welding seam is long, deep, wide, and the weld consistency is better, which greatly improves the adhesion and welding strength between plates. Therefore, it is inevitable to be chased in automobile welding. There are three kinds of laser welding technology commonly used in automobile.

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1. Laser brazing: when you see the word “brazing”, you will understand that this laser welding technology requires the use of welding wire. It uses laser as heat source, uses solder with lower melting point than base metal, after heating and melting, fills joint gap and diffuses with base metal to realize connection. This technology is mainly used in roof, floor and door cover.

2. Laser fusion welding: as the name implies, the corner joint of two plates is melted by using laser as heat source to form liquid metal. After cooling, reliable connection is formed. Mainly used on the roof and door cover.

3. Intelligent laser remote welding: the laser welding machine is equipped with a galvanometer scanning head on the sixth axis of the robot, which can realize the laser track movement through the mirror swing reflection without the robot arm following the movement. Laser remote welding system has high flexibility and efficiency. One system can replace 6 ~ 9 sets of ordinary robot spot welding. This welding process is mainly used in the door cover and side wall door frame.

It’s not hard to imagine that laser welding machine will be popularized in automobile welding in the future. Apart from its many advantages, there are only a few pitiful welding spots compared with resistance spot welding, and the long welding seam of laser welding makes people feel more stable.

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