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Laser Cut Metal Hollow Screen

In modern society, traditional home materials are difficult to meet people’s aesthetic requirements and can’t cope with changing indoor temperature and humidity conditions. Therefore, metal materials are more widely used in homes. More and more integrated into people’s lives.

Metal laser cutting machine has fast cutting speed, good cutting quality, high precision, simple operation, safety and stable performance. It has extremely high adaptability and flexibility. Using CNC system, complex patterns can be processed on metal plates. Metal and advanced processing technology, this combination of new and old, also makes metal crafts glow with unprecedented charm.


Like this metal hollow screen, which is placed at the corner of the stairs, it is arranged in a random way, and becomes a landscape to enhance the quality of home decoration. When the light passes through, the hollow holes become static artists, making the light into various shapes.

Similar to this kind of metal openwork screen in today’s home decoration is not uncommon, and the shape is more complex, material is also more diverse. But it’s hard not to fail the metal laser cutting machine. The CNC metal laser cutting machine can flexibly arrange all kinds of patterns, perfectly combine the laser hollow elements with the metal, and easily create a metal screen with novel style, various patterns and unique style.


More importantly, the quality of the metal laser cutting machine is better. During the metal processing of various materials, the cross-section is smooth and without burrs, and there is no deformation in the heat-affected zone, which ensures the appearance of the metal screen to the greatest extent.

Metal laser cutting machine eliminates the mold opening steps in traditional processing, which saves costs and effectively improves processing efficiency, which also provides more powerful support for metal screens to enter millions of households.

In the sheet metal processing field, Riselaser technology has been deposited for many years, and has contributed a variety of cost-effective metal laser cutting machines to the market. The hot-selling products RL-H3015 series fiber laser cutting machines are customers of Riselaser Laser’s laser cutting equipment upgrade for processing stations , Launched high-performance laser cutting equipment. It has super high cost performance, masters the core light source technology, low maintenance cost, and can solve the problems of growing customers’ investment income ratio and high equipment maintenance cost, making metal products shine a new charm.


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