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Smart Backpack Laser Cleaning Machine

In the past three years, laser cleaning technology has attracted the attention of various industries. Many fiber laser manufacturers have also launched high-power pulse lasers for cleaning, followed by a number of laser cleaning equipment manufacturers.

Maxphotonics is the earliest enterprise engaged in pulse fiber laser for cleaning in China. It launched 100 watt and 200 Watt pulse laser as early as the second half of 2016, ranking first in China. Two years later, Chuangxin laser intervened in the solution of laser cleaning and launched the “backpack laser cleaning machine” in the application of laser cleaning. It has a very compact and dexterous shape and is easy to carry. It can be carried on the body like a backpack. It’s too convenient for door-to-door cleaning.

There is a gap between the heat of industrial laser cleaning machine and its sales volume. The actual sales scale is not very large. Many enterprises are interested in laser cleaning, but the use demand of laser cleaning is not so frequent, so they hesitate to purchase. In addition, the current price of industrial laser cleaning machine is still high, which is also a factor. In the future, one direction of laser cleaning is likely to take the road of professional service, that is, the mode of home appliance maintenance and automobile maintenance. Whoever has this rust and dirt on his supplies and needs one-time cleaning, go to OEM service or door-to-door service. It is hard to imagine that every factory or even every family should be equipped with a cleaning machine. This should not happen, and the safety of laser requires professional operators.

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