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New Products Of IPG Fiber Laser

As a leader in the field of optical fiber laser, IPG continues to explore and develop, uses its innovation ability to meet social and environmental challenges, and integrates the basic principles of safety, reliability and sustainability in operation and product development.

IPG fiber laser YLS-ECO series high-efficiency and energy-saving high-power fiber laser is an innovative product under the background of “double carbon”. With the support of IPG’s unique technology platform, the electro-optic conversion efficiency of this series of lasers can reach more than 50%. Our patented design is based on innovative pump technology and high-performance components, which makes the reliability and long-term power stability of our products always in the forefront of the industry, and can help manufacturers improve production efficiency, reduce use costs, and achieve cost competitive carbon peak and carbon neutralization.

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High energy efficiency

The electro-optic conversion efficiency of YLS-ECO series fiber lasers is more than 50%, which can be twice that of similar products.

Excellent reliability

IPG fiber laser integrates multiple single emitter diodes, which is easy to cool and provides redundancy to ensure long service life and excellent power stability.

Green manufacturing

Since 2011, compared with traditional lasers, the use of IPG lasers has reduced CO2 emissions by 26 million tons, saving customers 50 TWH of electricity.

By reducing energy consumption, YLS-ECO series lasers can significantly reduce the operation cost and the cooling demand and cost of cold water equipment, and the return on investment is faster. Excellent reliability, extremely low failure rate and other advantages are very suitable for application scenarios where there is no shutdown or production can not be interfered.

The excellent long-term power stability of YLS-ECO series lasers ensures that in all high-power applications (including cutting, welding, brazing, cladding and surface treatment), they can maintain their excellent processing capacity year after year, provide long-term stable laser power for the most demanding applications, help high-end manufacturing enterprises get rid of the situation of low-end, low efficiency and high energy consumption, and use efficient technology to realize green manufacturing.

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