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Metal Laser 3D Printer?

For metal 3D printers, the laser is one of the core components, which directly determines the quality of metal 3D printed parts. At the same time, this has also become the core advantage of TRUMPF, which started with laser technology. Common lasers include: CO2 lasers, solid-state lasers and semiconductor lasers. At present, TRUMPF’s TruPrint 1000/2000/3000/5000 series of metal 3D printers use self-developed fiber lasers, and relying on TRUMPF’s unique disc technology platform, this year the first to launch printable pure copper The TruPrint 1000 green version of the green-light metal 3D printer with high-reflective materials. The core of the green-light 3D printer is the TRUMPF green disc laser TruDisk 1020.


The 515nm green laser is particularly suitable for 3D printing pure copper, precious metals and other materials that are difficult to be effectively formed by conventional 3D printing. This is because copper has a high absorption rate for green lasers, close to 40%, which is 8 times that of near-infrared lasers. A good absorption rate means a wider processing window, and the mechanical properties and electrical conductivity of the parts are greatly improved. The reduction in reflectivity can make the processing process more stable and efficient. At present, 3D printed parts of pure copper are mainly used in heat exchangers, electric inductors and other fields to give play to its excellent electrical and thermal conductivity.

metal 3D printing

TRUMPF’s metal 3D printer has stable performance. For some small and medium-sized aviation metal parts, you can choose direct 3D printing, while for super-large metal parts, it will be produced by sand casting. The combination of the two processes and the machining process can almost meet the various needs of customers.

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