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Laser Charging Is On The Way

The charging technology of smart phones has been improving. Some companies have introduced ultra-fast wireless charging technology and introduced their own wireless accessories to minimize the inconvenience of users during use. Nevertheless, there are still many inconveniences when wireless accessories are currently used. For example, the mobile phone must be placed on the wireless charging pad when charging, it is impossible to hold it in your hand to play games, or lie down to chase dramas…


Recently, there is a kind of “non-contact remote wireless charging” that can completely solve this very violent user experience-scientists have developed an “anti-laser” technology, which has a scientific name called Coherent perfect absorption (CPA), which is said to be able to emit energy unimpededly anywhere in the room. This invisible beam energy can charge mobile phones or laptops throughout the room.

To put it simply, there is something like a signal transmitter, which continuously delivers energy to the mobile phone you are using. You don’t have to worry about electric shock, let alone that the laser beam will cause harm to the human body, because the laser As a lured photon beam, it actually includes invisible light (due to its good directionality and great energy, it was discovered by the Yale University team in 2010 that it can be converted into electrical energy)

This newly developed “anti-laser” device that can absorb laser light uses a CPA method to use one machine to send power and another machine to receive power, which can invisibly confine energy to equipment equipped with anti-laser. In the demonstration of this technology, scientists showed that even if they walk around with electronic equipment, or even hide behind obstacles, the anti-laser receiver can receive about 99.996% of the transmitted power, and the interference rate is very low.

They believe that this technology will have broad application prospects in the future, such as:

 Long-distance wireless charging function: so that your mobile phone or laptop is no longer restricted by the charging cable when charging;

Sensing equipment: It can judge some changes in the room through the perception of photons. For example, when used in a security camera, you can feel whether there is an uninvited guest breaking in;

Encrypted information transmission: it can deliver some important information to a hidden receiver. The signal sent by CPA technology can use changing FM numbers to achieve encryption. Only the receiver who understands the encryption method can know this What information does the signal convey. According to the researchers’ vision, this kind of equipment will enter thousands of households in the future, and it will automatically test the room, and then adjust its frequency, amplitude and phase to ensure the highest laser transmission efficiency.

However, the researchers also pointed out: Although this technology has so many advantages, it is still a long way from real-world applications. Now they just proved that this road works. With the advancement and improvement of technology in the future, I believe it is likely to enter millions of households in the near future.

In September of this year, Huawei released a video showing that they are studying laser charging solutions. Huawei stated in the video that as long as a single transmitter can provide invisible charging for multiple smart devices. Perhaps, we are not far from using this wireless charging technology. At that time, we can throw away the chargers all over the room, and even if we play with the mobile phone in any corner of the room, we can charge the mobile phone at any time.

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