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Laser Welding Machine Welding Door Handle

The door handle is the most common life tool in our life. From ordinary padlocks to various types of advanced locks, the anti-theft door locks can be divided into marble locks, blade locks, magnetic locks, IC card locks, and fingerprint locks. The quality of the lock is not related to the safety of everyone’s property, but also the safety of life. Therefore, how important is a good lock. Then, what is the best way to process the welding process of locks and lock boxes? That is the laser welding machine.

The door handle laser welding machine is a laser welding equipment that specializes in welding metal door handles, door handles and door handles such as stainless steel and titanium. Can the door handle laser welding machine weld the handle firmly? The laser welding machine can be easily automated, automatically welding the door handles, and the welding efficiency is high and the speed is fast. Greatly saves time for the company, and the weld is relatively flat and beautiful after welding. There will be no deformation, discoloration, etc., which will save the company a lot of subsequent polishing and polishing time. The equipment is easy to operate and can be operated by an ordinary worker without professional technicians. Compared with argon arc welding, it saves labor costs for enterprises.


Riselaser’s door handle laser welding machine advantages:

1. The main components of the laser are imported products. The design life of the laser cavity is 8-10 years, and the life of the xenon lamp is 6-8 months according to the frequency of use;

2. PLC display function is complete, easy to identify operation;

3. The whole system comes standard with ccd, which can track the welding system all the way, allowing the operator to monitor the welding quality at any time;

4. The standard configuration of protective gas, customers can choose argon or nitrogen as the protection of the appearance of the product according to the need to avoid discoloration and oxidation of the welded part to ensure the appearance of welding;

5. Equipment power system after more than 10 years, thousands of equipment inspection, excellent performance, equipment design is quite user-friendly, simple and clear operation, long-term work will not feel tired.

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