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How To Delay The Aging Speed Of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

With the development of social productivity, the role of fiber laser cutting machines is becoming more and more important, bringing development opportunities to all walks of life.


Helping users improve production efficiency, improve product quality, reduce production costs, reduce material waste, and accelerate new product development cycles, making fiber laser cutting machines one of the core processing tools of the industry. However, the machine is also alive as human beings, and there will be problems of aging and high energy exhaustion. If the maintenance is good, the service life and use effect of the equipment will be much improved. So how do we delay the aging speed of fiber laser cutting machines?

1. Selection and maintenance of lasers:


The laser is the main component of the fiber laser cutting machine. Its quality directly affects the overall performance of the metal laser cutting machine. If the quality itself has problems, it will accelerate the rapid aging of the fiber laser cutting machine. Therefore, choosing a quality laser is the focus. In addition, the post-maintenance work is also very important. After the laser has been working for a period of time, the power drop is inevitable. Therefore, the maintenance of the laser is usually done, and the laser function can be kept as standard as possible, delaying the aging of the laser. .


2. The environment of the fiber laser cutting machine:


The environment of the fiber laser cutting machine (such as temperature, dust) fiber laser cutting machine has certain requirements on the temperature of the studio. If the temperature is too high, it will cause a crash, slow response, and the temperature will be too low, which may cause damage to the air pipe and cable. It is easy to cause breakage and air leakage. Therefore, controlling the temperature of the working environment of the fiber laser cutting machine is one of the key factors for delaying aging. In addition, the fiber laser cutting machine generates a large amount of metal dust during operation. These dusts and dust and smoke in the air adhere to the equipment, which will increase the wear between the various parts of the equipment, and the attached dust will also affect The transparency of the focusing lens indirectly affects the cutting accuracy of the fiber laser cutting machine.


The aging of fiber laser cutting machine is an unstoppable trend. How to do well protection and delay aging is a key issue. I hope that users can do maintenance work in normal work. In addition, if the equipment has any problems in the work, it should not be ignored, it should be handled in time to keep the equipment in good condition.

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