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Laser welding machine operating specifications

Laser welding machines are widely used because of their remarkable features such as small welds, fast welding speeds, and no pores. However, many people do not know how to use them correctly when operating laser welding machines. In fact, laser welding machines are used There are many safety regulations that we need to pay attention to

The first point: Read the instruction manual carefully and run the laser welding machine strictly according to the operating procedures to ensure equipment and personal safety.

Second point: The circulating water in the laser welding machine must be kept clean, otherwise it will affect the output size of the laser. The user can determine the cooling water replacement cycle based on the startup time, water quality and other conditions. Generally speaking, the water replacement cycle is shorter in summer than in winter. Be shorter.

Third point: The casing of the laser welding machine needs to be connected to a safety ground. During work, do not look directly at the laser beam with your eyes, and do not let your body (such as your hands) come into contact with the laser beam to avoid injury.

Point 4: Pay attention to keeping the environment and laser welding machine clean. You should always check whether the laser rod and optical components are contaminated.

Point 5: If you need to perform maintenance on the laser welding machine, you must cut off the power and make sure that the charge on the energy storage capacitor has been discharged before proceeding to avoid electric shock accidents. If any abnormality occurs during operation, the power needs to be cut off (press the <Emergency Stop> and air switch) for inspection.

The above are some safe operating specifications for laser welding machines. Only after we master these specifications can we avoid problems when using laser welding machines. Therefore, it is very necessary to understand the above points.


Do You Understand the Difference Between Laser Soldering Machine and Laser Welding Machine?

Do You Understand the Difference Between Laser Soldering Machine and Laser Welding Machine?

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