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Laser Welding Machine Main Applications

In the early days, light pumped laser and YAG laser welding were mainly used, which were traditional low-power laser welding. They were applied in mold, advertising words, glasses, jewelry and other fields, with a very limited scale. In recent years, with the continuous improvement of laser power, more importantly, semiconductor lasers and fiber lasers have gradually developed the application scenario of laser welding machine, which has broken the technical bottleneck of the original laser welding and opened a new market space.


The optical spot of the fiber laser is relatively small, which is not suitable for welding. However, we have used the principle of vibrating mirror swinging beam and the technology of swinging welding head to make the fiber laser welding well. Laser welding machine have gradually entered high-end industries in China, such as automobiles, rail transit, aerospace, nuclear power, new energy vehicles, optical communications, etc.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that the handheld laser welding machine has entered the stage of large-scale production. The demand for hand-held welding equipment mainly consisting of 1000W to 2000W fiber lasers has exploded in the past two years. From the early 100000 yuan, the price has dropped significantly, which can easily replace the traditional arc welding and inefficient spot welding processes. It is widely used in the welding of hardware plants, metal parts, stainless steel pipes, aluminum alloys, doors and windows, railings, and bathroom components. Last year, more than 10000 units were shipped, which is far from the peak and has great development potential.


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